[Supported by points] High-density uneven urethane mattress with 100% natural wool (single)

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A mattress with a thickness of 10 cm that has high resilience and is supported by points. It can also be used as a mattress.

A high-resilience (200 Newton) mattress consisting of two layers of uneven urethane and wool. The product is about 10 cm thick (urethane layer 5 cm + wool layer 5 cm) and has a total weight of about 4.2 kg (about 26% lighter than our conventional products). It is also convenient for storage as it can be folded in three (the folds will become familiar and the tri-fold will stabilize after about a week).

The uneven urethane on the top disperses the weight of the body and gently receives the body. "French limousine wool" with excellent dehumidifying power is used for the inner cotton, greatly reducing the stuffiness that is inherent in urethane mattresses.
The choice of mattresses and mattresses is as important as or better than duvets to improve your sleep quality. Please try the mattress that uses natural wool raw materials luxuriously.

Features of high-density uneven urethane mattress * This product can be used as a mattress by laying a wool pad, bed pad, or mattress pad on top. You can also use it as a mattress by laying it on one sheet. (If you use this product as a mattress closest to your body, the body pressure distribution effect that supports the points will be more exerted.)

○ The egg-shaped protrusions on the body surface of the urethane mattress are smoothly deformed by the body pressure when sleeping, and naturally disperse the burden that tends to be applied to the shoulders and hips.
○ Compared to the solid cotton (compressed polyester cotton) that was generally used as the core of the conventional mattress, the new urethane mattress (improved body pressure distribution effect) puts it on the shoulder when sleeping sideways. The burden and the burden on the waist at bedtime are reduced by lying on your back.
○ Recommended for people in their 30s and 50s who start to increase the burden on their shoulders and lower back.

■ About durability
As a result of the measurement method specified by JIS, 80,000 compression tests were performed.
The restoration rate of the urethane foam in the core is 94% or more.
A square foam with a side of 50 mm or more and a thickness of 20 mm or more is used as a test piece, and 50% of the thickness is repeatedly compressed 80,000 times at a speed of 60 times per minute.
Then, leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes to measure the thickness of the test piece.
The repetitive compression residual strain rate (%) is calculated, and the value (%) obtained by subtracting this value from 100 is defined as the "restoration rate".

■ Contents / Manufacturing area Mattress: Single (100 x 200 cm) ・ Ivory mattress storage bag
Manufacture: Matsuyama, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

■ Raw materials [mattress]
・ Side fabric (front) / 100% cotton (stretch fabric)
・ Side fabric (back) / 100% cotton (broad fabric)
・ Core / urethane foam (200 Newton)
・ Cotton / 100% wool (French limousine wool)

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